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Accountants And Bookkeepers Ltd. are committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. Our aim is to become an invaluable cost effective asset to all of our clients.

Information Technology

A comprehensive range of IT services, including provision of computerised accounting systems, hard and software updates and websites (e-commerce).

For many small/medium sized companies and business "start-ups", the very thought of computerising their accounting systems, let alone their entire commercial operations, can be quite daunting, not least because of the capital costs that can be incurred.

With all of our clients, we will listen to their needs, and after evaluation, return with a proposal for fulfilling those requirements, with an analysis that details both the project path and substantiates relevant costs.

Before the completion of each task/project, where applicable, we will carry out user acceptance training for those staff concerned and make any final adjustments if necessary. Only then and when the client is fully satisfied, will we request their signing-off for the services that we provided to their business.

Not enough hours in the day to spend on what really makes your business profitable ? 
- By arrangement, we can also help to provide you with the following services:



A comprehensive range of accountancy services; including preparation of cash flow statements and business plans, drafting of management and statutory accounts, filing of taxation and company Annual Returns.


A comprehensive range of bookkeeping services, including preparation of monthly payroll, VAT returns and writing-up of books of account.  

Business Plan

Let us help you to create a professionally written document, that details a proposed or existing venture. Together we will seek to help you capture the vision, current status, expected needs, defined markets and projected results of your business. Our business plan tells the entrepreneur's story; by describing the purpose, basis, reason and future of your venture.

Marketing Plan

Let us help you to create a professionally written document, that contains a description and guidelines for your organisation's or a product's marketing strategies, tactics and programs for offering your products and services over a defined planning period, usually one year. Often found within a business plan, the marketing plan provides details regarding the overall marketing strategy, pricing, sales tactics, service and warranty policies, advertising and promotion and distribution plans for your venture.

Sales Plan

Let us help you to create a professionally written document, that forecasts both sales and expenses, to help guide your business decisions. From sales break-even to sales on credit; we help you to target the level of sales that your organisation expects to achieve, based upon a chosen marketing strategy and assumed competitive environment.

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